Victoria Wisdom is one of the most inspired judges of good screenplays and story ideas that I have ever come across. Her exquisite taste and solid story sense make her one of the smartest purveyors of scripts in the marketplace.

Mark Johnson- Academy Award© Winning Producer of Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam, Donnie Brasco, The Notebook, The Natural, The Chronicles of Narnia

Your classes at UCLA were sensational…entertaining, inspirational, informative.
Like a great movie, I never wanted them to end.
You changed my life!
Thank you.
Jeanne Tognetti


I’m a student in your UCLA class and when you walked in the first night and told us your class was going to be revelatory, I had a hard time believing you. But, I was wrong. I want to thank you for all that I’ve already learned. Each week has been a major epiphany for me. I’m a working, but struggling screenwriter. I got both a bachelors and masters degree at UCLA film school and had dozens of classes with great teachers: Howard Suber, Arnold Rifkin, Joe Roth, Cathy Rabin, Peter Guber and Peter Bart, Jay Malone, etc. AND NONE OF THEM distilled and imparted as much valuable information as you have in the last month. I finally get it! It was like a Klieg light turning on for me! Thank you for teaching me how to be a better client and a better writer. I will never make these mistakes again. I am thrilled about the knowledge I’ve assimilated in your class. I know that your advice is going to help my career take off.

You are a fantastic person to help the clueless and confused screenwriters out there. I think there are many like me who have the talent, but didn’t have the business savvy to maintain after their initial success. Your course is wonderful and should be mandatory for every screenwriter!
Thank you so much,
Tatiana Bliss

Thanks for the super class last night at THE BIZ.
Your genius created a quantum leap with the puzzle of what works!

Bever-Leigh Banfield

Thank you for your generosity of time, spirit, and insights last night at the class. You are a gifted teacher and a brilliant woman with a keen business mind.

Richard Rossi

You were wonderful…. The best I have seen at filtering through the bull and getting directly to what works. It’s easy to see why you are successful.

Thanks, Dan Sanders

I just wanted to thank you for coming to talk to the Scriptwriters Network meeting several Saturdays ago. You were one of the best speakers we’ve had, you were awesome. The month before that when you were on the panel of four speaking to us I thought “damn, I wish it was just Victoria talking to us” so I was delighted when you indeed did have the floor to yourself.

I keep thinking about everything you said. It was very eye- opening. And potentially very timely for me — I am keeping your story in mind of the two types of writers there are – the one who says “just sell my script” and the one who says “I’d love input so we can make it better”. I know which one I’LL be!
Thanks again for the lovely talk.
Jan Wilson

That was, hands down, the most enlightening screenwriting seminar I’ve ever attended. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your candor and insight

Todd Goodlett

You’re the Bomb!
You were simply the most intelligent and articulate speaker I encountered at last year’s Creative Screenwriting Expo. What a pleasure it was to attend one of your seminars.

Many thanks.
Robert Julian Stone

I took your pitch class at the Screenwriting Expo and
was blown away by your wit, brilliance and no-nonsense
advice. By far, you were my favorite instructor at
the Expo!

Jackie Barcos

I just wanted to let you know that I thought you were the best speaker at the screen expo last weekend.
And there were some big names there, too. You did a great job of covering the business side of things,
plus you cracked me up. Thanks for doing a great job.

Mark DePaolis

Your presentation was a big success. The feedback is excellent.

Gary Young- IWOSC- Independent Writer’s Association of Southern California

“Victoria was engaging, clear and provided a lot of useful information. I would not hesitate to take any class she offered.”

Barbara H., Santa Monica

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