When I began teaching screenwriting a few years ago, I found that I was being rushed at the end of classes by writers eager to have their scripts read. As some of the classes had large numbers of students, this was clearly impossible as there weren’t enough hours in the days to be reading a couple dozen scripts a week.

Then one day a young woman said I want to ask you a simple question. Can I rent your brain? I need help on how to move my script and career forward and especially insight into which of my projects is the strongest and most likely to sell and why. You could save me a lot of time if I could just consult with you on an hourly basis.

I thought about it, said yes— and the idea was born.

The consulting has evolved into helping writers, in what would be called a traditional studio type pitch meeting, to present their story ideas in order to consider how to strengthen and clarify completed works, as well as works in progress, from a point of view of a development professional and sales person.

If you are struggling with why you cannot attract the attention you are looking for with your material,
or you just don’t know what the next move should be for your career, perhaps I can help.

Most importantly, I wish you all the greatest success in your aspirations.

e mail: screenplaywisdom@gmail.com

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